Take the Light in

The sun is staying out longer, and so are the majority of us as we long for that fresher, warmer air and outlook. The skies seem brighter and bluer, a fresh break from the bite and bleariness of wind and snow.

Daylight savings time has been both a blessing and a curse, and now with more time and motivation to complete evening tasks, run errands and maybe pursue new hobbies and interests, 

we have a general sense of newfound hope. We’ve literally turned over a new leaf for this year, but when less than ideal weather shows up, it’s more than easy to feel and thus act bleak.

When our surroundings seem perfect and bright, the opposite usually happens, but since this isn’t a perfect world, appreciating light both in the natural and man-made forms of all shades is absolutely necessary.

This universal, limitless source of internal and external energy and its benefits are boundless. 

We find and use light during our everyday tasks, and light from both outside and within keeps both us and our devices functioning well  throughout the day, but do we actually *see* it?

Most of the time we take in its basic function and beauty, like witnessing a fresh, open sky; even a cloudy one.

As I was driving around the other day searching for the UPS store, I missed the turn and was taken on a route I knew vaguely well but hardly frequented. Without the turn-around option, experienced Google Maps users know that it can bring you to the most opportune places. 

In this case I ended up going on the road that my former school bus would go, and despite the directions being reversed this time, the clear, bright weather allowed me to appreciate both the new and familiar landmarks that I saw, and within just a few minutes’ time, the nostalgia alleviated some of my brief frustration as I went down memory lane.

Had the weather been different, I probably would have felt the same, yet letting our inner and outer environments coincide can serve as its own feeling of rest.

Also, whether you’re still or moving, there’s always that special feeling when you close your eyes and let it warm your face and/or back, light is practically everyone’s and everything’s best friend.

We can’t always switch the light on, but even if you can’t see it in front of you, try to at least find or even be a spark of it whenever possible.

Written by Blog Contributor: Amber Chisholm