New Team Member: Megan McAninch

The latest addition to the GBS team is Clerical Assistant: Megan McAninch.  She will be assisting with clerical duties related to the web & the training side of our business.  Megan is a Venango Technology Center (Vo-Tech) and  Franklin High School graduate.  Megan is a Microsoft Office Specialist (Expert) in Word, Excel and PowerPoint and is a Certified PC Pro & Certified Desktop Pro Technician.  We […]

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Share Your Photos on Flickr

Flickr was around before ‘social media’ was even a buzz word. Flickr is a photo sharing platform and social network where users upload photos for others to see. It’s more focused on the art of photography than any other social media platform. Flickr is a great place to store all of your images online. The free version allows you to store up to 1,000 images, […]

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Volunteer: Do it for you. Do it for your community.

The greatest gift you can give yourself is to help someone else. In lifting others, we lift ourselves and become part of a better, stronger, healthier community. When you volunteer, you connect with others who have a giving spirit. Collectively, you are helping to build something better. Anyone who has volunteered for a cause will tell you it changed them. It heightens your awareness of the struggles of […]

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Make an Appointment With Yourself

Achieving newly laid business or marketing goals in the new year often either gets “put on the back burner” or gets pushed to the top of your list despite a desk piled high with things to be done.  How do you make sure you take care of business while making time to move forward with your plans?  Make an appointment with yourself. We are all […]

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GBS Hires Another Team Member

The latest addition to the Gibbons Business Solutions, LLC team is Social Media Marketing Specialist Tara Fleming.  She will be assisting with creating and posting social media content and graphics for businesses whom GBS manages social media content.  Tara is also a talented photographer and will be utilizing those skills at GBS as well, capturing images for social media posts, websites and print publications. Tara […]

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Capturing an Audience On-the-Move

Your audience is on-the-move – literally. Nearly half of all Facebook users are accessing the site with a mobile device; it’s right in their pocket, so they are also viewing more often. With this number growing, it’s increasingly important that your entire online presence is mobile friendly. If not, you may be missing half your potential audience! Here are some tips: Use graphics, photos and […]

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Main Street Resurgence

With the rise of rent at the malls, the exit of large chain stores and competition from online shopping, we continue to see stores move out of malls to lower cost locations. What does this mean to the retail business market? Many rural areas and small towns are experiencing an increase in “mom and pop” businesses. As main streets fill with a variety of places […]

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The Employee Life Cycle…It’s not a Straight Line

In developing career pathways to meet organizational needs, Human Resource Professionals often talk about the “employee life cycle.” In simple terms, that can be described by the following illustration:       While the employee life cycle is often viewed as a straight line, I ask employers to consider how they manage the part of the employee journey that is not in a straight line. […]

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