Case Study: Ben Franklin and Jeff Bezos

Franklin and Bezos are separated by centuries but make no mistake they are connected. What connects them? They sought to bring producers and consumers into contact. They utilized a communication channel that already existed: the mail and the Internet. In both cases, the technology was on-hand. Neither manufactured products consumers bought. They were/are in the marketing communications business. The technology (movable type printing press) on […]

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If You’re Not Listening, You’re Not Growing

If you’re in sales, you eventually learn that listening to a prospective or existing customer is two-thirds of the transaction process. Learn what the problem is first and then offer the appropriate solution.

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Digital Marketing – DIY Photography Basics

You no longer need to take a class to turn on a camera. They are everywhere, and the best camera is the one that is with you…your cell phone!  This article will cover the basics of creating a great image for your website, to post on social media, or wherever else you would like to express your ideas.  Composition, stabilization and lighting, can help you […]

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Ten Tips when deciding a Password

Here are 10 tips when selecting a password.

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What’s More Import – Your Technology or Your Strategy?

Before you answer, ask yourself this question: Is it possible for a business that provides a good product or service but uses older technology to grow? I’d say yes. A business that provides good products or services has essentially achieved the following: Existing technology meets the requirements Additional financial resources are not presently required Labor understands the existing technology Production/Process issues are solved or manageable […]

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The Elevator Speech Every Business Need To Know

The elevator speech is often thought of as a compelling 30-second summation of the value your business brings to its customers. The elevator speech we explore here is not about your business. It is about your customers. If I asked you to stop reading and in 30-seconds demonstrate your knowledge of your customers, top to bottom, could you do it? Some can, many may not. […]

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Managing Creativity in the “New Normal”

When I returned to my office to work again after having been working, like many of us, from home for 3 months, things were exactly as I had left them. Even my page-a-day PEANUTS desk calendar still had the page from Monday, March 16th at the top. It was a comic of Snoopy on his doghouse writing one of his many far-fetched books. When I […]

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Leverage a Supportive Community

Tips for building and fostering your community: 1. Form strategic partnerships, helping each other benefits everyone 2. Post user-generated content, consumers trust consumers 3. Create special offers for “Essential Workers” – show appreciation 4. Donate your time and talent for the greater good (be a community volunteer), It’s heartwarming! ♥️ Customers will be more likely to do business with community-minded organizations and businesses. They will remember […]

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Produce a Valuable Video Update

Here are 3 ideas on how you can keep your customers informed using video in your Social Media Marketing: Product and/or service demonstrations Customer testimonials Social distancing guidelines and new safety procedures. It doesn’t have to be complicated – Keep it Simple. Create a positive and optimistic environment in your video marketing. 💛💙 Written by Blog Contributor: Holly L. Gibbons

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