Branding a Relationship

When you think of your favorite brands, there is often a very specific relationship that we all have with them.

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Always Keep Learning

Sometimes when we get to a certain level in our development of a skill, we just… stop learning. We stop trying to absorb new information. We stop trying to be better than we were yesterday. We decide that we know enough and sometimes, that even turns into a toxic mentality. Sometimes, that means we look at new styles and trends and look down our noses […]

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Managing Creativity in the “New Normal”

When I returned to my office to work again after having been working, like many of us, from home for 3 months, things were exactly as I had left them. Even my page-a-day PEANUTS desk calendar still had the page from Monday, March 16th at the top. It was a comic of Snoopy on his doghouse writing one of his many far-fetched books. When I […]

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What is Graphic Design?

Many people have asked me to define Graphic Design. It’s tricky. The question is kind of like asking, “What is a doctor?” There are doctors who do routine work and there are innovators, which is a good way to think about it. It’s about telling a story, creating an ambiance, and a personal statement which surpasses the spoken word. It is an avenue for amazingly […]

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