GBS Team

We are seeking a new kind of videographer, not solely defined by discipline, but rather by his or her unique experience and style.

The ideal candidate should have a growth mindset, evidence of videography and editing experience, the ability to work well with others and capture stories that come to life.

The Videographer will provide support by creating and editing video content for blogs, sales and social media promotions, website content and more.

Previous experience planning and executing a successful shoot to produce a quality product is required.

A bachelor’s degree in English, Communications, Film, Journalism or Marketing is preferred.  A minimum of 2 years videography and editing experience is required.  The ability to work both independently and as part of a team is essential. Proficient knowledge of Adobe products is required.

Interested candidates are asked to submit a resume along with a sample video portfolio to:


GBS Team

We are looking for a Creative Writer with an eye for detail and the ability to create unique copy for a variety of different mediums.

The ideal candidate will have a growth mindset, evidence of writing experience and the ability fact check information.

The Creative Writer/Copy Editor will provide support by writing creative content for blogs, marketing plans, newsletters, annual reports, marketing and web contracts, website content, marketing brochures, and video scripts.

Previous experience in developing and designing digital marketing content and producing content for customer platforms including website, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. is required.  Proofreading and editing content written by other team members is required.

A bachelor’s degree in English, Creative Writing, or Journalism is preferred.  A minimum of 2 years of writing and or marketing experience is required.  The ability to work both independently and as part of a team is essential.

Interested candidates are asked to submit a resume along with a writing sample to:


Professional Blog Team

Want to share your knowledge on some aspect of business and/or marketing? Consider joining the GBS Blog Team! Blogging can build your experience, credentials on your resume, notoriety in your field, customer confidence and more. We are looking for people who:

  • • Have excellent communication skills, with a positive, up-beat and professional style
    • Work in a business-related field, are freelance writers, or college students
    • Are able to meet deadlines
    • Have 3+ years experience in writing, management, marketing, social media, graphic design, video, web design or information technology
    • Are knowledgeable in the current data, trends, tools, and opportunities in any of these areas

Applying to join the GBS Blog Team:

Step 1: Review our Blog page on our website at to decide how your area of expertise might fit-in.

Step 2: Write and submit a blog for consideration, along with your resume, by e-mailing them to  Blog topics should be in the following categories: Business Marketing, Business Services, Technology, Apps, Software or Career Development. You pick the subject.

Step 3: Our content writers will review your sample blog and decide if we should consider you to be on the team. If you are selected, that could open up possibilities for other work down the road as GBS grows (if you wish). If you are not selected at this time you can re-submit with a new blog in 30 days. We will share the reviewers’ evaluations with you either way.

Step 4: If the team “votes you in” so to speak, then you would be compensated as either a Jr. Blogger at $20 per article posted, or as a Sr. Blogger at $30 per article posted. Employees of GBS write their blogs during their normal work hours at their regular rate of pay. If you are new to blogging, you will initially work under a mentor from our blog team.

Step 5: Once you joined our blog team, you would be put on a quarterly schedule and would know when your blog posts are due. Blogs are due the Monday prior to their post date. If accepted, any requested revisions will be due by the Wednesday prior to the posting date. You may submit an appropriate photo with your blog, which may or may not be used. GBS has full editorial control of the blogs it accepts.

If you have any questions, contact our office at 814-657-6800.