Making sense out of scents

What exists in the forms of sprays, oils, bars and practically all states of matter? Without the title giving it away, it’s the form of scent.

When the aroma feels just right, scents of all kinds trigger a wide range of experiences.

Even just thinking of a scent such as lavender can ease or tense up one’s nerves, with the wonder that it doesn’t exactly have to be “there” for it to take effect. 

Scents are strongly linked with memories ranging from positive to negative as well as a mix of both and sometimes that “in-between” feeling. 

The organ in between our mouth and nose can help us sniff out problems and solutions; scientists are working on an “e-nose” to potentially detect certain health conditions.

From the beginning to the end of our day, every smell contributes to our overall health, serving as the imaginary undoing of our hair, a much-needed brain massage, a pick-me-up among a few other perks, separately and even all at once. 

The most common reaction would have to be hunger, and not just for food. We crave generally uplifting experiences and scent is one of the quickest and possibly most affordable ways to attain them.

Here are some to keep in mind and your most common environment:

Lavender – thought to be overrated, but it carries big power in such small leaves. Its soothing purple color should speak for itself, as long as it’s used subtly, its sleepy power can be sharp!

Vanilla – warm and inviting, a classic all its own. Its cocoa counterpart helps too, and it’s a tasty addition to lotion like all of these scents; being original and welcoming for current and new clientele. 

Citrus – energizing, mouthwatering and connective as it gives most of us that “zing” we need. It has several options and serves as a friend reminding us of the plants and flavors that nourish us all-around. 

Mint – going sharper down the sweetness scale, it has a similar effect to citrus. It can even help with illness during any season and curb appetite if necessary, having a refreshing kick.

One sniff practically lets us eat with our eyes and mouth. Being a strange metaphor, it holds true as scents create scenes that have yet to be looked at, thus inspiring us to take action involving moving forward or literally backing away. 

Whether you use freshener or a diffuser, choosing a scent that works for you allows you to inhale many opportunities, and that’s nothing to sniff at!

Written by Blog Contributor: Amber Chisholm