A New Kind of Easter Egg Hunt

When hearing the word “easter eggs,” we often think of what to look for in movies before special childhood memories that fit both in the palm of our hand and in baskets, thus we are encouraged to find them all year long.

With Easter coming up on April 17 this year, remembering that eggs exist in so many shapes, sizes and colors should prompt us to search even after the holiday has passed, and by this, I mean the ones we can’t see at all.  

No matter what stage of life and/or work you are at, I believe in challenging oneself to learn and do at least one new thing every day as it feeds the mind and heart in little and amazing ways one would have never anticipated. 

Of course, the scary part of that challenge is that results can never be promised. For example, my recent experience with vodka sauce was unique to say the least, which involved veggie pasta and other conventionally healthy aspects except for eggs unfortunately.

You can always try something new and win, lose or, weirdly enough, both. In a real-life easter egg hunt there is usually one who has the most a.k.a. the winner and the opposite well, goes without saying. 

In changing times such as these, we are basically forced to be in competition with ourselves, but it’s up to us to make it as healthy of one as possible.

Life becomes its own easter egg hunt, and whichever form you choose or ignore, affects your general outlook all the way from the hourly to the yearly. 

There’s a phrase that goes along the lines of “putting all your eggs in one basket” and often it is not recommended. Our metaphorical basket is generally half-full in a perfect world yet needs regular maintenance. Sometimes eggs, in the form of human experience, fall out or simply break, and we have to clean up the aftermath and deal with the pieces. Some seem perfect on the outside but fail miserably on the inside. Others can seem less appealing but deliver in just the ways we both want and need.

Whether your eggs are farm-fresh, candy or plastic, always crack open your chance to explore – it can lead to delicious and wholesome results!

Written by Blog Contributor: Amber Chisholm