Four Ways to Generate Quality Social Media Content

Whether you’re new to the social media scene or have been posting and liking from the start, generating new content can sometimes be a struggle. You want to make sure that your content aligns with your business’s goals as well as meets the needs of your audience. You also want to be fresh and engaging for your audience because you want them to keep coming back to your account! But how can you do all this? 

Try these four ideas for generating more content for your social media channels:

Collaborate with other brands

Joining forces with another business can provide your brand with an injection of new ideas. Find some ways that your two businesses can collaborate with one another and share content and posts from each other’s social media accounts. Formulate a joint hashtag that your businesses can share every time that you post to one of your social media accounts. Highlight specials and your business relationship with one another to increase both followers and exposure.

Look at your competitors

By taking some time to view the social media accounts of your competitors, you shouldn’t be looking for ways to copy their content. Keep your eye out on ideas that you can take back to your own team that might spark future content ideas and inspire ways to grow your presence. For instance, if your competitor is posting the latest inventory for fall, you’ll need to think of how you can also do that same thing, only make it more engaging for your audience. 

Understand your metrics

Viewing your engagement metrics can help you to better understand the type of posts that really resonate well with your audience demographics. Look at your likes, comments, and shares to better understand which are performing better than the rest. Once you have identified what your top performing posts are, you can better pinpoint how you can tailor your content to start creating more of the same!

Spot the latest trends

Keep an eye out for the latest social media trends such as memes, hashtags, viral videos, etc. If you’re good at spotting some of these trends during their early introductions, you may be able to capitalize on using them to promote your business. Like and follow your competitors and other social media influencers in your industry in order to spot the trends and convert them to your own social media presence. 

In conclusion, posting daily and weekly on your social accounts with direct access to your customer base means that you can’t afford to run out of new and engaging content ideas. Try out the tips in this blog post to jump-start your social media brainstorming. 

Written by Blog Contributor: Jennifer Hicks