A Guide to Using Social Media Photo Captions

You have plenty of photos to post to your social media feed but aren’t sure which captions to write with them. Writer’s block has creeped its way into your head, and you need a little extra help on how you want your business to best be portrayed. 

Captions for photos on your social media feed can speak volumes about you and your business. It’s important to appear authentic and stay away from “salesy” language, even though we all know that you’re trying to sell your brand to your audience.

Instead of the age-old phrase, “always be closing” try switching up the last word to read, “always be caring” with your captions. Carefully select your photos and write your captions with your user in mind. Most of your audience is browsing through social media not expecting to make a direct purchase, but there’s always an opportunity to influence a future purchase with the right content strategy.

Creating a call-to-action for your photo captions does not have to be a direct sales pitch. Motivate your audience by asking them to interact with your brand. You can do that by asking them direct questions or having them drop in an emoji as a response. Here are some examples that you can use:

Avoid this:

“Our business hours this week are from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Try this:

“How will you support local this week?”

Avoid this:

“Spring is a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can be.”

Try this:

“Spring is here! Drop a spring emoji in the comments.”

Avoid this:

“Buy our newest line today!”

Try this:

“View all of our new inventory in store and online.”

Another form of photo caption engagement can include contests. One of my favorite examples is to take two photos and ask your audience to point out the differences in the photos or hide something within one of the photos for the audience to find. This takes your engagement to the level of looking for treasure and encouraging comments, which will ultimately push up your post metrics for a broader reach. 

If you have access to older photos, you can also do a comparison of what your business looked like in the past versus what it looks like now. Writing these types of photo captions reminds your audience that you have been in business for several years and are a mainstay on main street.

Coming up with new captions takes some effort, but with some creativity you can make your photos engaging and fun! Now start posting!

Written by Blog Contributor: Jennifer Hicks