Being Thankful in a Pandemic

This year has brought many challenges for all of us. Whether you’re keeping a small business afloat, getting acclimated to working at home, or caring for family members—you’re rising to the occasion.

There are so many silver linings scattered throughout this time that can we all be thankful for.  Perhaps some that can have lasting changes on how we approach both business and personal relationships in the future. 

Here’s a list of things that I’m thankful for this year:

Introducing New Technology

COVID-19 has quickly introduced emerging technology that can benefit everyone. Grandparents have attended their grandchild’s birthday party via Zoom. Colleagues chat on Microsoft Teams about work projects, and most importantly…what to watch next on Netflix. Many folks have taken game night activities online by using Jackbox games. There’s a learning curve with all of this technology, but I’ve seen so many embrace the changes for positive results.

Increasing Quality Time

Before COVID, a typical day for me was rushing to get my daughter to school, driving to the office, and then picking her up around 5:30 p.m. after a long day of meetings. Evenings were filled with appointments and homework and little time for true connection. Now we enjoy more quality activities like reading, hiking, and just talking. I’m very thankful for this increased time together!

Highlighting Creativity

This pandemic has brought out the creativity in all of us. Local businesses have flexed their creative muscles by offering curbside pickup, special incentives, and cool contests to keep their customers engaged. Recently, I noticed a local brewery running a contest asking customers to tag themselves on Instagram enjoying nature to get a free beer. Creative ideas like this one can keep customers coming back! 

Rediscovering Nature

Speaking of nature…I’ve seen so many neighbors out walking the streets, hiking local trails, and enjoying the outdoors. In the early summer, there was a bike shortage because so many people were buying bikes to get outside and get some exercise. I’ve always had an appreciation for the outdoors, but never really took the time to embrace it until this pandemic. My new hobby of enjoying the fresh air is here to stay when COVID leaves. I hope that holds true for everyone else who bought up all of the bikes in Pennsylvania!

Embracing Opportunities

This was the year to embrace new opportunities. I’ve seen city blocks of business band together to offer outdoor, socially distanced activities. Kids are now enjoying outdoor playdates. Couples are planning creative date nights at home. We’re all taking advantage of every single opportunity to connect to ourselves and to others amidst this unprecedented time in history. We’re doing great and for that we should be thankful.