Do Something Positive Everyday

To say this has been a difficult year for small, local businesses, churches and non-profits is an understatement. Many of us are looking forward to leaving this year behind and getting back to “normal”. But we don’t know what normal is going to be. It’s exhausting to talk about it. The best way to renew energy is to do something positive.

Maybe you’ve noticed that helpers are happier people. Getting involved in positive efforts lifts everyone – you and those around you. We cannot change the world, but we can change the part of the world we interact with every day.

Make a list of positive things you are going to do. Here is some of my list.

BUY LOCAL – Increasing my local spending is going to a challenge for me. I tend to be a hermit so giving me a reason to “shelter in place” is appealing. But I find, once I get out and interact with fellow business owners, I feel better. If you need to social distance, perhaps call ahead to see if you can be there in a slow or off hours’ time. Can you buy what you need curbside or online?

PROMOTE LOCAL – For the most part, people don’t talk about good service unless it’s exceptional. But local businesses need ambassadors right now. Some people in your circle may not be aware that business exists. Give them reviews online. Make it fun. What business did you visit today? Do a selfie and post it on your social media.

DONATE LOCAL – Our non-profits and church communities contribute a great deal to the well-being of our community. They need us and we need them!

GIVE COMPLIMENTS – The other day a customer whom I did work for some months ago called to say how happy she was with what I did. It made me day! This doesn’t just apply to business settings but everyday practice. We all need a little more encouragement these days!

SEE A NEED AND DO SOMETHING – We often see or hear about something and think we could do something. If you are like me, if I don’t act quickly, the thought flies away.

DO RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS – One of my friends is really good at this. Often when I’m around her, I witness it. She may buy the meal for the next person or pay the coffee shop to give someone a coffee when they come in next. It may be small, but it makes an impression on everyone involved.

A community thrives because of its people; how much they support one another every day. We are incredibly lucky here in Venango County. We are going to be all right. It is just a matter of how all right we are going to be. Stay positive!

Written By: Linda S. Henderson, Blog Contributor