Testing our Humanity

This event is testing our strength as individuals and as a society.  It is also testing our humanity.  We see indications of both strength and weakness in this respect.  Neighbors are checking on and helping each other: volunteers are telling up to serve their communities in any and every way they can; manufacturers are retooling their operations to produce urgently needed supplies and equipment; and emergency services and health care workers and volunteers are putting their own lives on the line to help the way of us.  This is proof that humanity is alive and well in America!

There are also, predictably, scammers taking advantage of government programs and the people depending on those assistance payments; there are people selling fake virus testing kits, putting lives at risk, for financial profit; the truckers, who are going above and beyond to get products and supplies where they are needed, are being robbed while they sleep; and some businesses are are taking advantage of shortages and need to profit by price gouging.  The sad proof that there are two sides to humanity.

What is a “strong” human to do?  We persevere.  We do all we can to overwhelm the world with strength to ensure that more good is done than harm.  We each have particular skills, resources and strengths to contribute to our communities and our country.  Together, our individual contributions will do far more good than the damage those who are weak will inflict.

Just as it is the job of certain strong individuals to minimize the harm and stop the weak from causing harm, we each have our own role in our survival of the COVID-19 epidemic.  Do not be distracted from your contribution.  Do not allow fear or anger to distract you from the good you can contribute.  And do not allow the gravity and challenges of the situation to cause you to lose your optimism and humanity.  Be one of the strong.  Together, we will come through this stronger!

Written by Blog Contributor: Julia McCray