Hashtags in Instagram are NOT Optional

Using hashtags can help you increase followers and help you get more engagement on your Instagram account. Instagram allows you add up to 30 hashtags on each post. I personally recommend somewhere in the middle – 15.

Some different types of hashtags are:

  • Branded hashtags (a branded hashtag is a hashtag unique to your business. It can be as simple as a company name or tagline). #FranklinAreaChamber
  • Industry hashtags (words specific to the industry and clients you serve). #chambermatters #chamberofcommerce #business #industry
  • Niche hashtags (words used for the target audience you are trying to reach). #networking #referrals #advertising
  • Community hashtags (are Instagram hashtags that connect like-minded users around a specific subject). #TogetherWeCan #MakeADifference
  • Location hashtags (city, state or geographic area of your post). #FranklinPA #ExperienceVenango
  • Keyword hashtags (are keywords related to your post). #MemberNews #WhyFranklin #JoinToday #MemberBenefits #Applefest
  • Contest hashtags (draw attention that you are holding a contest). #WinAMembership
  • Celebration hashtags and lastly, (hashtags related to celebration of a day –or an upcoming Holiday) #ChamberofCommerceDay – which is in October by the way.
  • Trending hashtags (Most popular and trending hashtags) – they change, what’s trending today?

By simply adding hashtags (#) on your posts, you can expand your reach and ultimately increase your audience.

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