Elements of Success

What does it take to be successful – as a business, as an employer, as an employee?

There are two essential elements: 1) constantly strive to be better at what you do and 2) be “present”. The most successful people are open to opportunities for growth, are consistent and reliable, and focus on their goals and objectives. A business succeeds when it is driven by this type of individuals at all levels of the enterprise.

As a leader in a business or organization – whether you are the owner or a manager – it is critical that you set the example. Be open to learning from the people who work for you. Help them understand the importance of their role. Credit them for new ideas and contributions to the success of the organization.
Set organizational goals and reward those who help achieve them.

As an employee, understand your role. If you view your work as optional – either by attendance or by effort – your employer will see you as optional. Consistency is critical to success. Constantly strive to be better at what you do. Be present. Seek opportunities for growth.

How does success look? There will be notable milestones. If you are clear when setting objectives, you will reach them. Celebrate those. Reward those. But most days, success looks like simply putting one foot in front of the other – even when it’s difficult. When it is difficult, take measure. Where were you six months ago or a year ago? If you have been successful, today is better. If not, you need to make some changes. Let this motivate you to re-focus and look forward. Success is not always easy, but it is always rewarding. You can do it!

Written by Blog Contributor: Holly L. Gibbons