Reflect on Your Business Personality

What is your business culture? It’s the personality of your company (whether that’s online, providing a service, or in a storefront) and part of your brand. What do your employees and customers experience with your business? How does it feel to be a part of what you do? Are you more formal or creative? Are you specialized or eclectic? Is your business fast-paced or relaxed? What sets you apart from your competitors?

Now ask yourself, how does your social media marketing reflect your business culture? In all of your marketing, you’re attempting to establish a connection with your customers. Relationships are based on personalities. If someone has never visited your business, can they get an accurate image about your culture from what and how you are marketing?

It may be helpful to choose five words that reflect your business personality. These are the things you hope your employees and customers see, feel, and experience. Then look at your marketing efforts to assess how these are reflected. This exercise can also help you focus on building your desired business culture. Share them with your staff and collaborate on building that part of your brand.

Written by Blog Contributor: Holly L. Gibbons