Volunteer: Do it for you. Do it for your community.

The greatest gift you can give yourself is to help someone else. In lifting others, we lift ourselves and become part of a better, stronger, healthier community. When you volunteer, you connect with others who have a giving spirit. Collectively, you are helping to build something better.

Anyone who has volunteered for a cause will tell you it changed them. It heightens your awareness of the struggles of others. It’s hard to feel sorry for yourself when you are helping someone else in need. Knowing your help made a difference for them lifts your heart and spirit.

As we collectively work together, we build community. We build a bond with fellow volunteers. Working together to solve problems or serve a need builds goodwill in a community. It helps us and others to see possibilities. A community with a strong volunteer spirit is a healthier place to live, as we see ourselves connected in dynamic ways and focused on solutions.

There are volunteer opportunities throughout the community. You can give a few hours or spend many hours, and even receive great training to learn something new. Do something for yourself – Volunteer!

Written by Blog Contributor: Holly L. Gibbons