Capturing an Audience On-the-Move

Your audience is on-the-move – literally. Nearly half of all Facebook users are accessing the site with a mobile device; it’s right in their pocket, so they are also viewing more often.

With this number growing, it’s increasingly important that your entire online presence is mobile friendly. If not, you may be missing half your potential audience! Here are some tips:

  1. Use graphics, photos and video that view nicely on a small screen and, in the case of video, can be clearly heard on a tiny cell phone speaker.
  2. Consider using more vertical photos and video. (This may make video pros cringe, but it’s how most people hold their phones, so your video looks larger than the horizontal ones and is easier to view.)
  3. Keep your posts short.
  4. Link to your website and be sure it is mobile friendly.

Often, mobile users are seeking quick information about your business as they are deciding whether to call or visit you. The most common needs for an audience on the move are your phone number, address, hours, and perhaps any specials you have that day. They may also be simply seeking a little fun distraction during a break in the day.

If you want to capture the greatest possible audience – think mobile!

Written by Blog Contributor: Holly L. Gibbons