Celebrating Relationships

A business does not succeed solely because of products or location or the services it provides. It succeeds because of the people behind all of those. It’s the people that make the place special, create a connection to the product, and provide quality service. A business succeeds because of relationships.  It’s about trust, collaboration, shared goals and results. It’s about attitude and shared values.

At Porch Music Store and Gibbons Business Solutions, we have been amazed and blessed with great collaborations with our employees, contractors, vendors and customers. We’d love to say that every relationship has worked, but that has not always been the case. Relationships and collaboration are challenging. But, WOW! – we can count many that have worked and created amazing results, benefitting everyone involved. That’s when you know it’s right; it’s a win-win on both sides.

There have been some who helped us through a time and moved on. There are some that took a leap of faith and have dedicated whatever skills they have to help us grow. Some asked us to give them a chance to grow with us. Others asked us to help them grow at what they do best.

Through all the collaborations – customer, employee, contractor, and vendor – we have been able to provide something innovative and unique for our region. First, customers had to want something new and different. Our collaborators had to help provide the quality and services that met the expectation. As we have consistently delivered, we’ve grown better and stronger. What is special about this team and the customers we serve is a shared joy in creating successes. We’re excited to celebrate one another!

As we continue to appreciate and remain genuinely focused on doing the best for one another, we will grow. Best of all, we will be part of growing our community. That’s something to celebrate!