Celebrating Small Business

As a marketing company, it’s rewarding to watch our customers’ businesses grow. Every day we work with small and medium-size businesses; primarily several employees to 100. These are our community’s entrepreneurs, providing products and services that grow our local economy. Ten, twenty, fifty, or a hundred of these small and medium-size businesses can have much more economic impact than one company that employs 1000 people.

Here are some of the benefits of smaller, local businesses:

  • Local companies tend to be more community-focused, and more likely to get involved directly in local efforts
  • Entrepreneurs tend to support and inspire other entrepreneurs, which spurs more economic growth
  • Successful, locally-based companies tend to be more focused on their employees, providing long-term employment opportunities
  • While it’s sad to lose any business in a community, the impact when a small business closes is not as devastating as when a large business leaves the area

Rural communities will likely continue to have difficulty attracting and keeping large employers. Over the last 50 years in Venango County, we’ve experienced the exit of most of our large industrial companies. New ones have not replaced them. Meanwhile, quietly and without great fanfare, a significant number of smaller companies are growing and thriving. We’re lucky, because we get to hear their stories and witness their successes every day. Now we need to spread their stories far-and-wide, and celebrate their presence in our community!

Written by Blog Contributor: Linda S. Henderson