Why I Love Water

Good news, we’ve now entered flower season. The not-so-good news is that it is still cold outside. All kidding aside, while warmer weather is bringing the flowers and us back out, why don’t we take a second to remember what got them here. 

I wouldn’t really call this a “confession,” but in most of my environments, I’m known as the person who drinks a rather large amount of that recommended “w” word, if not more than most people around me.

It is said that we should drink roughly half our weight in ounces… but I *just might* overdo that sometimes.

Give it thirst, health reasons, hydration/energy or all four, my specific reason for needing to fill up often has yet to be known. Just having it touch my tongue is perhaps my favorite part, and possibly the main reason I carry it around all the time. 

I get plenty of compliments on my bottle which has owls on it; an animal of wisdom, and it’s often stressed that the clean, clear liquid I keep inside it is really good for our brains.

I add elements like lemon juice and chia seeds to my beverage most mornings and sip it throughout my workday, and I appreciate the chance to wash my hands and splash my face all at once, especially when a perk up is needed.

As we rise with our morning coffee, and unwind with our evening tea, water is crucial year-round, although during the colder season people usually drink less of it, despite the potential skin and self-care benefits. 

We use it everywhere and for just about everything. I even use it cold for my laundry, hands and even showers regularly, but whatever temp you choose is your prerogative. 

It’s a personal pet peeve to watch someone leave it run, and seeing bottles twisted in half on the ground still befuddles me.

This weekend I participated in a community Stroke Walk, where they offered plenty of it, and a staff member even gave me a cup to give some to my dog. When you have no bowl, you improvise!

A few months back I met a man in his 90’s who feels that water is poison. For context, even my own grandmother claims that it’s “bad” by itself, in spite of drinking cup after cup of coffee. 

Nonetheless, our plants, pets, and people need this liquid for basic and advanced functioning and passing it off for simple dislike is something you might want to reconsider for the long run.

I didn’t make this post to boast, but actually toast, to a beverage that has done its absolute best to stay true to itself and helped keep human civilization together for thousands of years, lest we forget the infamous water cooler chat.

We should put just as much care into our own water habits as we do our daily living in general.

After all, we get as much as we put in.

Written by Blog Contributor: Amber Chisholm