Managing Creativity in the “New Normal”

When I returned to my office to work again after having been working, like many of us, from home for 3 months, things were exactly as I had left them. Even my page-a-day PEANUTS desk calendar still had the page from Monday, March 16th at the top. It was a comic of Snoopy on his doghouse writing one of his many far-fetched books. When I […]

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Leverage a Supportive Community

Tips for building and fostering your community: 1. Form strategic partnerships, helping each other benefits everyone 2. Post user-generated content, consumers trust consumers 3. Create special offers for “Essential Workers” – show appreciation 4. Donate your time and talent for the greater good (be a community volunteer), It’s heartwarming! ♥️ Customers will be more likely to do business with community-minded organizations and businesses. They will remember […]

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Produce a Valuable Video Update

Here are 3 ideas on how you can keep your customers informed using video in your Social Media Marketing: Product and/or service demonstrations Customer testimonials Social distancing guidelines and new safety procedures. It doesn’t have to be complicated – Keep it Simple. Create a positive and optimistic environment in your video marketing. 💛💙 Written by Blog Contributor: Holly L. Gibbons

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Create a Positive and Optimistic Environment

Always be optimistic and  positive in front of your customers and employees. Focus on building a community not an audience – provide quality content over quantity. Introduce your team, ask questions, share content, use hashtags – be authentic. Engage with your audience. Offer a first-class customer experience. Surround your customers with light-hearted entertainment (especially if they are waiting to get seated or be served). Utilize […]

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Adopt A Customer-First Mindset

Ways to adapt and grow business in the new norm: 1. Communicate what changes you’ve made in your business (changes in the way you are doing business today). Did your business model change? 2. Notify your customers and the general public of your business hours (when you are open), 3. Focus on the customer experience (make it special and something to remember). 4. Help others […]

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