The Emotions of Color

Colors are more than just visual elements—they’re powerful conveyors of emotion. We often describe feelings in terms of color: green with envy, yellow with fear, or blue with sadness. These associations are rooted in real-world experiences, like how red can symbolize rage because our faces flush when we’re angry.

When designing a brand, it’s crucial to consider these emotional connections. Colors tell stories and come with pre-existing narratives. In graphic design, choosing colors that reflect a client’s brand identity involves understanding these emotional undertones. While I’ve touched on this topic before, the interplay between color and design is a complex and ever-evolving subject, with the emotional component being especially significant.

Emotions linked to colors can profoundly impact how people perceive a brand. For instance, red, with its intense associations with anger and passion, can make a brand appear dynamic and exciting but might not suit a brand aiming for a calm and relaxing vibe.

When evaluating your brand’s color scheme, think about the emotions these colors evoke. Consider whether the feelings they inspire align with your brand’s message. Adjusting your color palette could be key to creating the desired emotional connection with your audience.Written by Blog Contributor: Dee Fish