Tips for Effective Telephone Service

Every business still does a great amount of communication over the phone. 

Here are Seven Tips for Effective Telephone Service:

  1. When the phone rings, set a goal to answer it within 3 rings.
  2. Introduce yourself when answering, “Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening and the business name. Your name (Holly) speaking, “How may I help you?”
  3. Phone courtesy, when talking always be patient and show gratitude to your customers.  
  4. Body language talks – smile and be enthusiastic when you are talking on the phone. Make the other person on the other end feel important and welcome on the call.
  5. Be accurate and detailed. If you are placing an order or gathering information, always read back the information so there are no misunderstandings. Set realistic expectations for deliverables.   
  6. End the call with “Thank you”.   We want customers to be glad they called us!
  7. Lastly, always go beyond what’s expected when answering phone calls, clarifying, cross-selling, being polite, delivering what was promised and asking questions to improve customer service.  

It’s imperative for any business that we present ourselves in our best, most professional manner when answering the phone.

Written by Blog Contributor: Holly Lynn Gibbons