A Pen Appreciation Post

Pens: they’re both everywhere and nowhere when we need them, and despite their mass production over the centuries, they still haven’t gotten enough credit for generally being there for us.

They have been both our life and career savers, though being the tiny double-edged sword that they are, when used accordingly they can do the exact opposite.

Roughly six inches in length – the average hand size, until the ink runs dry its powers are practically endless. Its most common trails of black and blue convey their own unique moods and messages, with the latter appearing friendlier… to me at least. 

We’ve learned to dread the red, but pens of any color give us control that is literally in our grip,

and as replaceable as they are, each one possesses its own unique personality traits.

With the option of erasability, the intentions behind it are still etched in a much softer form of stone, because they truly cannot be unseen. 

Furthermore, in spite of the Internet application process, pens  help us get both into and out of our jobs. A pen can determine and/or change the future.

They also highlight every possible aspect of the past, with written and drawn works from people and generations of all types being framed, photographed, and scanned for everlasting reflection.

When they break, we usually say a silent, inner goodbye before its next generation comes into play. While each one has a relatively short lifespan unless kept for display, each pen basically writes its own stories and gives both itself and each replacement its own voice. 

We brand them with corporate logos, collect them in bulk quantities, and misplace them all-too-often, but if the discarded, forgotten pens could talk, what would they say?

 From ballpoint to fountain, we should listen for the all-too-familiar “click” to remind us to never let their ink nor impact fade.

Written by Blog Contributor: Amber Chisholm