Make an Appointment With Yourself

Achieving newly laid business or marketing goals in the new year often either gets “put on the back burner” or gets pushed to the top of your list despite a desk piled high with things to be done.  How do you make sure you take care of business while making time to move forward with your plans?  Make an appointment with yourself.

We are all familiar with the concept of “date night”, designed to ensure you make time for working on your marriage.  Well, your business is your other “marriage”, so schedule some time for that relationship too.

Is the plan for your new goal on paper?  Does it have a timeline?  It should be broken down into smaller achievable goals that you can allot time for in your schedule.  If you don’t have it broken down into an action plan, make one…even if it’s just a task list on paper or a whiteboard on the wall.  Determine the steps (actions) that need to be taken, who will do them, when they need to be done, and any associated costs with each.  The cost of each step may drive the timeline.  Taken one step at a time, your goals are achievable!

Written by Blog Contributor: Julia McCray